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And hardest of all: how do you even tell your friend/sister/cousin she is dating the wrong guy?

"I hate you boyfriend and you should dump him", would, not surprisingly, go down like a lead balloon.

So many of us have been there; watching our beloved BFF's life being destroyed by a dude that just isn't right for her.

You've tried to like him, but frankly you're no magician and no matter what you do, you can't see him for the Ryan-Gosling-in-the--like character she does. Is it your place to get involved (read: meddle) in her love life.

If the guy's just slightly irritating then you're probably being a bit selfish, and it's not worth saying anything to upset your friend just because you'd rather not waste your precious life seconds on him.

Or on the flipside, if the guy doesn't treat her well and/or you have a list up to your eyeballs of things he's done to seriously upset her, then helmet on, it's time to take up that battle.

“He knew exactly what I was talking about.” She asked again: “How many times did you shoot Mr. “[Lee] always wanted to win,” said Hong, who flew from Korea to testify for the defense at Cho’s trial. Sometimes he was manipulated by others very easily. He doesn’t know how to say no to other people.” He added that Lee was more of a leader, and that Cho would do whatever Lee said.

Lee and Cho carried the gifts at each other’s weddings — the Korean equivalent to being a best man.

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She’s asking you because she’s doubting her relationship. Just ease her into it as she is blinded by the love of a loser.If you saw your friend trapped in a speeding car heading for a cliff, would you stand by and watch, hoping things would work out for her? As her friend, it is your duty to look out for her.So, if you decide to tell her your thoughts and concerns, you need to do so in a caring and compassionate way.Obviously you love your bestie and you don't want to go ruining the friendship by proclaiming to the world that her BF is a grade one douchebag, so, before you say anything to her you need to assess the potential ramifications of what could happen if you do voice your opinion.It's also worth assessing the level of loser you're dealing with.

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