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We have been a huge family, and it’s always sad to say goodbye.

Marlene King [the show’s creator and executive producer] has said that this last season was like our love letter to the fans.

So there was a big period in my life where I was doing everything that was the opposite of what I was born with.

I think now what has helped me the most is staying true to what I was born with naturally.

About not taking no for an answer and continuing to fight for what you want. My friends who have taken photos of me know that it takes an entire camera roll full of photos, and hopefully, fingers crossed, there will be one that I like.

stars Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn have serious chemistry on and off screen!

The actors, who portray longtime couple Hanna and Caleb (aka Haleb) on the Freeform show, have fans convinced they are dating IRL — but it looks just the duo is just friends.

I like seeing other people’s outfits of the day, so if I’m wearing an outfit that I like, I take a photo against a white wall and there we go. " I constantly ask my mom, "Why did you let me dye my hair blonde and wear green contacts? " And my mom always says the same thing: "I just wanted you to be who you were and who you wanted to be at that time and have no regrets." And I don’t regret it.

It’s funny to look back at photos and see yourself so different.

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