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THE PLAYER CAN BE DOWNLOADED FOR BOTH WINDOWS AND APPLE. I have taught accordion for over 40 years time to give something back.The accordion has lost popularity in the last 25 years.Best to buy a used accordion from a reputable dealer; Accordion Heaven - Accordion O Rama just to name a few. Also: Here is a link to an online metronome sent to me by a person in Ireland taking the lessons. This site has many songs some originals by their composers, some old standards.Below you will find the download buttons for the lessons. The music is graded from 1 to 10 in degree of difficulty.Worth a try if you are looking for music other than those in your lessons. It is a 3 page Glossary of music and accordion terms and descriptions.Just click --- Glossary --- to down load the zipped up pdf file. I have had a few emails asking me to record some of my favorite songs and put them up for download.Just added 10/31/2016: There are files that contain 5 separate files for different rhythms ie: 3/4 - 4/4 etc. I BELIEVE APPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO HANDLE BOTH FORMATS. THERE IS A FREE DOWNLOAD MEDIA PLAYER AVAILABLE (I HAVE USED IT FOR SOME TIME AND IT IS VERY RELIABLE). ORG COST OF THE DVD IS .50 US IN THE USA; US ALL OTHER COUNTRIES (BECAUSE OF SHIPPING AND CUSTOMS CHARGES). PDF FILES: EXERCISE 1 -- EXERCISE 2 -- EXERCISE 3 -- HANON EXERCISE SHEET WATCH LESSONS PLAYED BY LEE TERRY MEISINGER TAKEN FROM THE HANON EXERCISE SHEET: That's right they are free, don't cost nuttin. THIS IS WHAT IS INCLUDED IN EACH DVD: ALL 94 LESSONS - ALL EXTRA MATERIAL - THE GLOSSARY - ALL VIDEOS (INTRO - MAINT - SELF RECORDING) - ALL PRO EXAMPLES - ALL TERRY HANON FINGERING EXERCISES - ELECTRONIC METRANOME - AND MY RECORDINGS. THE WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER SHOULD HANDLE EITHER/OR BOTH FORMATS. THE LESSONS ARE PLAYED BY LEE TERRY MEISINGER A WELL KNOWN ACCORDION TEACHER.

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The nice part of this site is if you click on one of the titles you will see a pdf file open with the first page of the music.I then convert the WAV file to a MP3 file (for size reduction of the file) and that is what you download.Just left click the song you want and your browser player will play the song.Myself I don't have midi although when I bought my last new accordion this year (2008) I seriously thought about it. The mp3 file is an explanation of each lesson that I recorded. The best way to use these lessons is to have a computer where you are going to practice the lesson. If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download it from my Download page (left side panel).I finally went with a double musette tuned accordion. Also you will find Winzip if you need to download that program. Winamp is a very good one and is also on my Download page. It is assumed you are going to use a piano key accordion. You could use one but where the notes I have no idea.

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