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Lastly, the Republican National Committee mentioned former Federal Emergency Management Administration chief James Lee Witt, whose firm won a nearly 0,000 contract within days of the earthquake. The Center for Economic and Policy Research, a left-leaning research and advocacy group, has criticized the Clintons and the relief work in Haiti. government funding was then ‘directed’ towards any of them (the donors)," Johnston told us.

Eén van de grote lessen van 2017 is dat politici zoals Trump enorme leereffecten produceren.Neither the emails nor a search of government contract databases show that the government gave contracts to any of those people or their firms to help in Haiti. A woman from Florida is being labelled a 'hero' online after taking on another white woman who was allegedly being racist in the lobby of a Florida hotel.That email came with a detailed list of the earthmoving equipment DRC had on the ground in Haiti. Defense Department in 2011, but we could find no record that the work was related to Haiti.) Company videos show that DRC removed the rubble of collapsed buildings and put up temporary worker housing in Haiti, but there’s no indication that the State Department played a role in that.That was passed along to the State Department with the advisory, "This is from a partner of Garry Mauro, a friend of WJC (William Jefferson Clinton), offering major assets in Haiti." A second email noted "Garry is also a friend of the Secretary’s." Did DRC get a contract to work in Haiti? You won’t find the company at all in a comprehensive spreadsheet of Haiti disaster relief contracts from the Federal Procurement Data System. DRC already had a presence in the country, and as the reported, it knew how to secure contracts directly from the Haitian government. Agency for International Development wanted a quick initial assessment of the overall damage. Although Witt served during the Clinton administration, he was not mentioned in the State Department emails, and so they don’t shed light on any special treatment.

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