Oral sex dating

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You can, however, get STIs from oral sex, either orally or genitally, whether you swallow or not.With fluid-borne infections -- like HIV or Chlamydia -- swallowing fluids create those risks.And just like with other kinds of sex, barrier use is only one part of safer sex: everyone having regular STI testing is just as important, especially for people who have engaged in any kind of genital sex with people before you and who has not always or consistently used barriers, including with oral sex.(The same goes for you if you're the person who has had partners before.) For more information on safer sex practices we know reduce risks, have a look at this: Safe, Sound & Sexy: A Safer Sex How-To.To reduce those risks, you can use latex barriers like you would to reduce risks with intercourse.For fellatio, you use a condom to reduce STI risks, and for cunnilingus or analingus, STI risks can be reduced by using a dental dam.Many people engage in oral sex (and so do some animals), and plenty find it to be a favorite sexual activity.So long as you engage in it responsibly, and it's what you want, it's as normal, healthy, safe and natural as any other kind of sex, even though for a long time in many cultures, it was considered taboo, much like anal intercourse or homosexuality often still is among certain cultures and groups.

And don't forget, one thing we know from studies about condoms and other barriers is that they don't reduce sensation by much (which makes a lot of sense when you hear about all the people who had them slip off without noticing): it's negative attitudes about barriers that tend to cause them to be a drag more than the barriers themselves.

As well, oral sex isn't a secret sect with mysterious practices people can't figure out on their own,: you're not going to hear about "Oral Sex Secrets That'll Drive Your Partner Wild! That stuff is for people who want to sell you something, and is usually based on things that someone discovered their partner likes through trial and error, something everyone can do with their own partners.

(Also, those "secrets" are usually manufactured year after year with very little variation, and aren't secrets to anyone who has read the same magazine or website for more than a year or two.) Figuring out oral sex isn't brain surgery: it's pretty uncomplicated, and doing it "right" for a partner just has to do with listening, being responsive, and being willing to experiment, just like any other kind of sex.

Fellatio is sometimes called: a blow job, giving/getting head, sucking off, gobbing the knob, giving/getting a hummer, sucking the root, and many more terms evenprobably don't know.

Cunnilingus is also colloquially called eating out, going down on, carpet munching, rug munching, muff diving, and again, other new slang you may know about better than I.

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