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We, meanwhile, have doggedly pursued all sorts of party representatives trying to get to the bottom of it.

Yesterday we spoke to South Lanarkshire Labour councillor Gerard Killen, and made some modest progress.

Swinney’s case, in any event, is that he won’t have to make savings elsewhere to pay for the APD cut at all, because it’ll pay for itself by attracting more flights, business, tourists and jobs to Scottish airports.Alert readers will probably already be familiar with the philosophical proposition of Schrödinger’s cat.(The less alert can click the link for a short and easy primer.) The hypothetical experiment posited by 20th-century Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger has entered into popular culture.But what we should perhaps call Schrödinger’s Syndrome is spreading.Readers will probably recall that we’ve spent much of the past few days debunking Scottish Labour’s astonishing assertion that it can compensate victims of the tax-credit cuts planned by the UK government using money saved by not cutting Air Passenger Duty, as the Scottish Government intends to do in 2018 when it’s given control of the tax.

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