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But couldn’t one rightly describe such a woman as to mean someone “attracted to the same sex” without any implication about a lack of attraction to the opposite sex. Do some people, sources, and so on make this distinction in meaning?Or does English not have an easy way to express what I’m talking about here?

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Queer had more restricted in use, it was a sort of a form of tagging.These folks might be somewhat less likely to reject the “bisexual” label with quite the same vehemence as the corresponding self-identifying “straight” people often are.But they still think it a mere technicality, and so do not change their constructed cultural identification just because of some occasional dalliance outside of that consensus construct.They may form romantic attachments with only one gender yet engage in sexual behavior with both.Finally, all this is much more fluid than the clinical-sounding terms may suggest, as even within the same individual it can vary significantly with time and circumstance.

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