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" No sooner had her assistant placed the newest flowers than the front door opened. Were that true, she wouldn't be 51 years old and raising her only son by herself since right after his twelfth birthday. She knew firsthand that family didn't always take care of family.In the end, it was all for naught, and she'd been abandoned in spite of all those years of hard work and self sacrifice.She was also well aware she'd more than done her part where marital intimacy was involved.In spite of her ex-husband's neglect, their son had grown up to become a very polite, very well-mannered young man who had his father's brains and his mother's looks.That wasn't to say Fallon wasn't a smart woman as she'd done a superb job running her business.Custody was never an issue as her former partner had no interest in children let alone having one who would be a teenager not long after she and Jerome would be starting their new lives together.To his credit, Jerome helped her fund the purchase of the shop, but that, too, came with a price.

Jerome would shell out a few hundred dollars here and there hoping that would somehow compensate for his near total lack of interest in his son's life after virtually abandoning him six years ago.

She could either have child support for another six years, or a no-interest loan worth quite a bit more than the amount she'd receive in monthly payments.

Since Stone and the business were all she had left, it was an easy choice.

I need a boutonniere for Stone," the pretty 18-year old high school senior told the mother of her boyfriend. If you're dating my handsome son, you're like family, and families take care of each other. " Courtney paid using her mom's credit card and after another thank you and a brief hug, another satisfied customer left Fallon's Floral Boutique with a beautiful boutonniere in hand and a smile on her face.

She'd been floored by the sudden revelation, and now, some six years later, she was still dealing with the aftermath of learning that her former business partner, and former co-owner of the shop which then was open under a different name, had been having an affair with her husband right under her nose.

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