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I just dislike the idea of grinding to level up, but it`s worth all the effort when you get every upgrade. You may want to hit go back to the city to do a route more than one times for gold and exp-gold lets get equipment and leveling up improves your stats as well. Set some time aside if you`re going to get the best ending.

I mean, sure, I wish there was more and better sex, but, seriously, just that this exists is pretty cool. Came back to it later and my save game wasn`t there :( Fun game, though it gets a bit repetitive after awhile.

I was very very surprised there is a little in it for everyone.

The dialogue in the game between the characters is generally funny. Girls I liked the most were the Merchant, the Courtesan and Princess Amanda (too bad you only get the ending scene and nothing more with her...:/). Some tips: Accept all missions but do them in order of easiest (one star)-hardest (five stars).

Great story idea, but I preferred if Luke was a little more of a badass. I really enjoyed the more RPG sturcture of the game and there were some quality scenes. A few tips: - buy magic potions from the witches and sell to the exotic dancer - buy apples from the peasant and sell to the trader - when fighting werewolf, go for legs - when fighting elf, go for legs as well - when fighting giants, go for armor - when you defeat someone, clicking on the food you`ve won in the winning screen restores your health without changing the amount of the food Well keep this Max Hp 74 strength 8 dexterity 9 armor 6 at level 10 Mine were Hp 55 strength 7 dexterity 9 armor 5 at level 8.

I also thought that it was fun that they had an ending that was the main plot of the game as well as a better ending if you wanted to complete it in a little harder fashion. Don`t sell medal from blacksmith use it to kill goblin and buy from witch and peasant not from town . Shortcuts/hints if you want them to gold/better gear : every time you encounter villager/witch buy up as much of their cheapest stock as you can and resell in town.

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