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The new translation, according to Jacobovici and Wilson, records that the Pharaoh of Egypt officiated at the wedding between the couple, saying to Aseneth: ‘Blessed are you by the Lord God of Joseph, because he is the first-born of God, and you will be called the Daughter of God Most High and the bride of Joseph now and for ever.’ Gospel truth? And Aseneth conceived from Joseph and gave birth to Manasseh and his brother Ephraim in Joseph’s house.’The theory is based on the claims that this ‘lost’ gospel and the ‘encrypted’ story of Jesus’s marriage was the work of a group of persecuted Christians.The manuscript dating back to 570 AD (above) is written in Syriac — a Middle Eastern literary language used between the 4th and 8th centuries and related to Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus After a seven-day wedding feast, the text is said to read: ‘Joseph had intercourse with Aseneth . It apparently disappeared from public view around 325 AD.

A different story — that Mary was a prostitute — was proposed by scholars who merged her identity with the unnamed sinner who anoints Jesus’s feet in Luke’s gospel.Or they’re just a few lines.’He and his colleague Wilson point to several clues that they say give away its true meaning.Principally, the story about Joseph has little connection with other Old Testament stories about a man who is best-known for the tale of his murderous brothers, which inspired the popular musical Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.However, this interpretation has almost universally been discounted. King declared that she’d found a papyrus fragment — thought to be from Egypt — called The Gospel Of Jesus’s Wife.In it, there were four words, written in Coptic (an Egyptian language), saying: ‘Jesus said to them, “My wife . .” ’He says: ‘Jesus is called a “rabbi” in the gospels.

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