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The text, which is in medieval French, contains a retelling of the passion of Christ, along with a religious poem.

That winning scene aside, Coraci indulges in a bit too much stateside setup before the action shifts to its main setting, the African continent — to be precise, a mildly adventurous South African resort that might be called Africa Land or Africa World, and which feels like being stuck on an overprogrammed cruise.Stateside, Shaquille O’Neal is called upon to do some belly-dancing as Jim’s coworker, while Joel Mc Hale fills the role of Lauren’s ex, a self-involved no-show dad whose every move only emphasizes Jim’s goodness.The connect-the-dots proceedings get some much-needed punctuation — or interruption — from Terry Crews, who flexes (pectoral) muscle as the wide-eyed, ultra-exuberant lead singer of the resort’s Thathoo Harmony Group.The action is by turns insistently sunny and mawkish.Jim’s alternately sweet and, in a bit of overdone shtick, demonic youngest daughter (Alyvia Alyn Lind) instigates a “What do you miss about Mommy?

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