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This accounts for the discrepancies of why women seem to refuse sex more often.

But, when men are seen as safe and skilled, and they have a polite and warm demeanor, they are also likely to get a yes.

So yes, someone with exceptional success, outstanding beauty, tons of wealth, and superb humor will certainly get better results than the "average" person. The point was that the "average" person still does pretty well.

The point was also to bring those who "thought" they might be below average up to speed, and let them know success was not out of their reach.

In her analyses, she discovered that the perceived safety and sexual skill of partners influenced a yes response.

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Everyone has a better chance of getting what they want if they ask for it.

It means to again be receptive, caring, and concerned about your partner's needs, wants, emotions, and interests. I would also say that a lady who is very pretty, has a great figure, and is non-neurotic will get more requests for dates than those who are fat, ugly, and psychotic. This article explores the basic variables that contribute to that average person's success.

With a couple of added steps, your chances of hearing a yes increase dramatically. I agree that these items are not "earth shattering", but that is exactly the point.

The first, is that all study requests are very polite (see a sample request here).

The second, is that requests are usually performed in safe, public locations.

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