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He would also release some very nice nice touristy behind the scenes photos, which saw the photo/film crew having dinner with models such as Jo, Sophie Moone and Peaches.Essentially, the models sign their release forms and get paid, and the owners of the photos do what they want afterwards as far as distribution is concerned.I probably did MET a disservice as their sets are always well shot and more crucially the shots are well picked.Yeah, the week-long sessions are probably rare, and as I said it was Viv Thomas who used to do this around ten years ago when he'd shoot with around half a dozen models at his beach property in Portugal.

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Throw in a few shopping sessions for the model to pick her outfits too, and you have a fantastic package.

Everybody works hard without realising it, and you get a great contrast of morning, afternoon and early evening shoots.

I am actually pretty shocked that the going rate is less than 0 per hour.

These websites are clearly raking it in, which means it makes far more sense for a model to do what you are doing.

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